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Mighty Mini Wallet

Mini Go! Crossbody Bag

Accomplice Day Bag

Phone Wallet Pouch

Mini Sidekick 4-in-1

Go! Crossbody Bag

Bon Voyage Weekender Bag

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Product Care


  • Keep out of reach of children or swipey cats
  • Avoid placing wooden items near water or humid bathrooms to prevent damage to timber
  • Unlike wood, our metal accessory holders are rust treated and can be used in the bathroom - we still advise to avoid splashing your earring holder with water as your earrings are not rust treated!
  • Add earring backs to dangle earrings to help secure them to your earring holder (see drop-down menu option for spare earring backs if you need them!)
  • Please exercise caution while using any of our products - we can not be held responsible for any breakages while using Bon Maxie products. Common sense is recommended while using any items so as to help protect your accessories.


Leather is a natural material so that has unique textures and colours - care must be taken with your products. Bon Maxie uses a variety of leathers - some are more delicate than others. Lighter coloured leather may be susceptible to absorbing darker material colours so protecting your item is important and please take care when wearing with denim.

  • General storage - it is the customer's responsibility to be mindful of abrasive surfaces and correct storage and to take care of your product post-purchase. Please take care not to spill substances on your item, scratch it or store in direct sunlight as it can cause damage or weaken the leather. We recommend storing in the dust bag/box in which you received your product in a cool, dry place.
  • Protect your item - we recommend spraying your item with leather waterproofer SPRAY every few months to ensure your item remains in great condition. Always spot test an inconspicuous area to ensure the protector is suitable for your item. We recommend Collonil Vario Protector
  • Leather conditioners - please use leather conditioners sparingly and check they are suitable for coloured leather handbags. Some balm or cream conditioners are for heavy workboot leather and contain oils that may lift your bag's colour. Do not use on metallic, embossed or hide leathers as they often contain oils that may lift your foiling or bag colour. We recommend Collonil Waterstop Colour Care Leather Conditioner
  • Leather cleaning - we recommend cleaning your items as soon as you notice marks or wear to avoid them setting into the materials. We recommend Collonil Reinigungs Leather Cleaning Cream
  • Lining - internal linings of your products can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. 
  • Items with metallic foiling or surfaces - please avoid rubbing the foiled logo surface -  please note that foiling can wear over time with friction, so we recommend always wear bags with the logo facing outwards
  • Pebble Leather - protect with leather waterproofer spray and avoid abrasive surfaces. Leather will soften over time. Stuff your bag back into shape when not in use to maintain the shape.
  • Hide Leather - hide leather is a delicate, natural surface and care must be taken when in use. Please avoid rubbing or excessive abrasion as it will cause the delicate hair to fall out. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe any marks from your item.
  • Saffiano Leather- while saffiano leather is water- and scratch-resistant, it is not 100% water- or scratch-proof. Any leather type is made from natural materials and can absorb external colours like pen, dirt, if not maintained properly. Wipe down your leather item with a damp cloth (avoid any cleaning wipes or cleaning products)
  • Metallic Leather- please avoid abrasion of your product - metallic leather is delicate and care must be taken when in use. Use a soft cloth to gently remove any marks from your product. Avoid rubbing or excessive abrasion as it may damage delicate metallic surface.
  • Safety - please keep your leather goods safe - our wallet handstraps are for convenience of use, but please exercise caution when using it (don't fling it around carelessly!) and remain conscious of it in public. Always be mindful of the security of your possessions.


Colours may vary in real life from screen. Small variations in colour will not provide sufficient reason to return or exchange items.


Bon Maxie is not liable for any items that are broken or lost through the use or misuse of our products.