Product Info & Care

For Decoration Purposes Only

All items are for decoration purposes only - please keep out of reach of children.


Product Colours

Some colours may look different on screen than they do in real life.


General Product Care

Please treat your purchases with care. If handled roughly or stored incorrectly, items may break or become damaged. Store all items in a clean, dry environment to ensure longevity.


Earring Holders

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid placing near water to prevent damage to timber
  • Add earring backs to dangle earrings to help secure them to the board (see drop-down menu option for rubber backs if you need them!)
  • Copper can be polished with appropriate metal polish to avoid tarnish
  • Leather conditioner can be used to help maintain the strap
  • When cleaning mirrored surfaces, please avoid using a cleaning agent and buff clean using a soft cloth to avoid scratches or interference with mirror


    The paper that we currently use for the fine art prints is a premium product - designed for fine art printing and should be handled as so. It doesn't feel flimsy, it's beautifully textured, and it's made to last up to 100 years. It looks amazing in person, promise!

    All other wall decor prints are printed professionally on 150-250gsm stock depending on size.


    Handmade Items

    Each custom item is created by hand, by a human - because of this, products may vary from example image shown. We take absolute care in ensuring your product is of a high standard however buying handmade does mean it comes with some handmade charm.


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