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Go! Crossbody Bag

Bon Voyage Weekender Bag

Mini Go! Crossbody Bag

Bon Vivant Tote Bag

Very handy accessories that solve your daily annoyances.

Life comes with a bunch of annoying things. We don't like it.

So, we design handy earring holders, bags, wallets and organisationy things with effortless, clever features to help you feel calmer, without the drama. More, less struggle.

More blissed off, less get the idea.

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Portraits in 2015 to earring holders.

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Life's busy enough as it is. That's why we’ve dedicated our lives to providing you with simple organisation solutions to some daily annoyances. BUT. While there's nothing like the smugness that comes from feeling organised, it often comes with an effort factor. Urgh. Bon Maxie is all about effortless organisation that's non-ugly, 'cos storage solutions that are pretty and easy to use means we're more likely to keep up the good habits. While we’re known primarily for Australia's best earring holders, clever leather crossbody bags and small women's wallets, we’ve got a whole range of fun things that help you feel a bit more in control of life! We also have items that help you get organised in your daily life, including spare earring backs, reusable shopping bags, refillable perfume atomisers, leather travel jewellery cases, jewellery boxes and wardrobe organisation. All designed to help you get organised and look good while doing it! Got mess stress? Bon Maxie will help you get organised!