About Bon Maxie

Life is hard enough. So, we’re all about creating things that make life a little easier.

Clare doing her thing at a local Etsy market in Brisbane Australia

Here's a picture of Clare (me) doing her (my) thing at some local (Brisbane) Etsy markets. The lighting was very flattering - I don't look glowy like this in real life. 

Things you may want to know.

As an artist, I (Clare) started Bon Maxie as a custom-portrait and art print business, but it quickly evolved after I realised I was overly stressed. Mainly due to earring mess. So, I created myself an earring holder. Realising there wasn’t anything at all like this earring holder on the market—good looking, wooden, catering for both stud and dangle earrings—I posted a picture on Instagram. Bon Maxie then quickly started an anti-boring earring holder craze around Australia. And now I've got my eyes set on the universe. 

I've subsequently added to the range of handy products as I’ve noticed some things in life are very very annoying and can be solved with simple ideas. And I've now also roped in a man I like to call Joe (because that's his name) to help me get your orders to you.


Things that are quite useless to know, but may interest you.

On days I'm not working (Christmas Day only usually - I'm slightly addicted to this business), you may find me drinking some champagne and staring sheepishly at the pile of books I promised myself I'd start a year ago.

I do rather like chocolate. No meal is complete without it. Although I try and refrain from eating chocolate for breakfast most days. Apart from Sundays through Saturday.

Also, I have 3 children. Two are quite furry. Don't worry - this is normal because they are dogs.

Wondering about the business name? My son's name is Max. And he's pretty good. But Good Max sounds weird, so I made it sound a little French. Plus I like Maxibon icecreams, but cruelly, life recently served me the 'lactose intolerance' card. Meanie.


Photographer: Amanda Hamilton - Peppermint Photography. Bon Maxie is protected under trademarks and copyright. All designs will remain the property of Bon Maxie and should not be reproduced in any way.


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