About Bon Maxie

Getting organised is great.

But, while there's nothing like the smugness that comes from feeling organised, it usually comes with a large effort factor. 

That's why we design storage accessories and organisationy things that help make getting organised, effortless - getting you calmer, without the drama.

What's better: our unique solutions to daily annoyances are particularly non-ugly, because we know things that are good looking are more fun to use, so we're more likely to keep up the good organisational habits.

Along with Australia's favourite earring holders, clever crossbody bags and fully-functional mini wallets, we’ve got a whole range of very very handy things that help you feel a bit more in control of life.

Got mess stress? Take a look aroundwe'll sort you out.


Clare (that’s me!) started Bon Maxie in 2015. After having a baby boy, Max, I realised I’d lost my creative outlet after spending 8 years in a corporate advertising and marketing, so started a business painting portraits and selling nursery art prints.

Things changed. A few months in, I was back at work and our new baby started having seizures, then later, horrible brain spasms. I quit my job to care for him and he was diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation. We spent most of 2016 in and out of hospital.

Time became quite precious. I realised that I didn’t have as much time to spend painting detailed portraits, so sought to create a product that I could duplicate so I could work more efficiently while caring for Max.

It was then that I realised I was overly stressed. And this, evidently, was due to earring mess. So, I created myself an earring holder. Realising there wasn’t anything at all like this on the market, I shared my creation on Instagram. The response was overwhelming, and Bon Maxie quickly became synonymous with earring organisation.

Now? We have a super-fun range of non-ugly earring holders and accessory storage, as well as a few signature products including the Mighty Mini Wallet and Sidekick Crossbody Bag.

And Max? He’s now seizure free, walking against the odds and we’re hearing promising signs of communication. He was the reason why I started the business and now, he’s the reason why we work so hard in it. We can’t thank our loyal customers enough for your ongoing support.

Bon Maxie is based in Brisbane, Australia. Our team all works remotely and is committed to providing top products with ace service, while maintaining a balanced work/home environment for ourselves, for maximum calmness.

  • We have Clare! I'm the Head Honcho and spend my days designing products, marketing and spending too much time on Insta Stories.
  • We then have Joe. He's the CFO and also manages product logistics, packaging and inventory. He's also my husband.
  • We have Kirsty, our Customer Service and Admin Wonder Woman - she's the friendly fingers answering your enquiries!
  • Then, Felicia! Our Brand Director and Graphic Designer Extraordinaire. Like she's crazy good.  
  • Then, Deanne and Mick, our Wonderful Warehouse Team. They're known for their speedy hands and they get your orders on to those postie vans like it's no one's business...well, because it's theirs!

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