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A Guide to the Bon Maxie Handbags Part 1

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Decisions! Trust me, as a Libran, these are not my strong suit. And with an ever-growing range of Bon Maxie bags to choose from, let’s check out our current range!

Minimise that Mess

First, my number one tip (what a surprise) is: get organised! Minimising what you carry and keeping everything sorted neatly inside your bag means less rummaging and unnecessary stress!:

  • Reduce that rummage! Keep loose items, like bobby pins or headphones, in small pouches - see ourHandy Pouches
  • Don’t carry a large bag ‘just in case’! Reusable shopping bags like ourBAGGU ones fold down to almost nothing but carry up to 3 grocery bags’ worth - perfect to whip out only if needed.
  • Say ‘see-ya!’ to jangly keys. TheOrbitkey Key Organiser transforms your keys into a small, silent stack - super helpful when you have a smaller pouch (most of our bags have key clips for safe key-ping!)
  • Declutter and downsize your wallet our Mighty Mini Wallet. The perfect palm sized solution instead of carrying a brick in your handbag.

So now you’ve downsized your essentials, let’s meet theBon Maxie bags.

What are the options?

I’m a big advocate for only carrying bags in a size that’s necessary, rather than oversized - so our options cover the grab-and-go trips, the only-need-the-basics adventures and the need-a-little-more-room-to-play scenarios. 

Mini Sidekick 4-in-1 Pouch Bag

Ducking out or going out? Our Mini Sidekick might be our smallest bag, but the gusseted design means no sacrificing any essentials for errands or an event! With 2 removable straps, it’s a clutch, a wristlet pouch and shoulder bag, and with its internal wallet features, the Mini allows you room for your hand cream, or to stash your sunnies on top.

Shop Mini Sidekick™ 4-in-1 Leather Pouch Bag - Milk Tea

Shop Mini Sidekick™ 4-in-1 Leather Pouch Bag - Tan


Sidekick Crossbody Bag

If you like the hands-free life, the Sidekick Crossbody is ready to be your daily go-to! It may look compact, but it can fit a 600ml bottle. And, with an easy-access back phone pocket and wide straps, it’s an all-day bag that’s deceptively roomy AND super comfy, removing extra bag bulk without removing function.

Sidekick Leather Crossbody Bag - Lilac


Go! Crossbody Bag

The Go! Crossbody Bag is your all-day, runaround go-to bag that holds all the essentials with a little extra room to play. Made from a waterproof nylon and with its wide-mouth opening and many pockets, the Go! adds a sporty-luxe touch to your outfits. Its removable strap means you’ve also got a chic night-time grab bag, and yes, there’s enough room to stash a water bottle, snacks and a notebook.

Go! Crossbody Bag - Black


So, no, our bags are not designed not to be a hold-all, all-situation solution (we don’t think it’s necessary to carry a large tote on a quick trip to get petrol!). And yes, you’ll definitely find ALL of the options useful! #SorryGuys 

You can mix and match their good looks and functions with your outfit or outings and reap the benefits of feeling more organised, whatever style you choose. You can even change looks with one of our  Bag Straps - more options, hurrah!

Still not sure which Bon Maxie Bag is right for you? Send me a DM on Instagram! I’m always happy to help.

Yours in bags that do more than just carry stuff,

Clare x

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