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Why you need to download the FREE Stocard app right now!

  • 3 min read

There’s something panic-inducing about trying to locate a loyalty card at the checkout, right?

Fishing through your handbag to find your wallet, then thumbing through ALL the cards you’ve collected over the years with sweaty palms. The "I’m sorrrryyyyy”, you manage to whimper. The glares of half a dozen customers staring at your back.



While designing my Mighty Mini Wallet and trying to make it as small as possible so it could fit in ALL my bags, I stumbled across the FREE app. I was excited Stocard was happy to pop cards inside our Mini Wallet packaging because it truly fits with my ongoing voyage to make life a little less stressy.

You see, Stocard houses all of your loyalty cards in one nifty app. And here’s why it's a clever hack in minimising shopper anxiety while maximising dollars.


1. It stores ALL your loyalty cards

How often are you asked“are you part of our VIP program?” and decided not to add another random card to your wallet? Perhaps you joined back in your teens and still have 27 candle store cards in the bottom of your bra drawer.

Whether you have an overwhelming card stack at home, an overstuffed wallet or just really would love to get that sweet 10% without committing to carrying yet another piece of plastic, Stocard lets you benefit from as many programs as you’d like, without being weighed down. 


2. It gives you quick access to your cards

Imagine whipping out your phone and just scanning a barcode rather than fumbling for another card on top of your payment. Something that makes me feel waaaay more chill at checkout? For that reason alone, I’m a fan.

The app even keeps your most-used cards at the top - AND most phones have a corresponding widget that’s available in one swipe from your home screen. AND there’s a smart watch app.


3. It reminds you to earn more points 

Loyalty rewards points often mean dollars saved or earned so it makes sense to collect them, but remembering to whip cards out at the right time in every store can be a tall order. You can opt to have Stocard send you push notifications when you’re in a store's vicinity, so you don’t miss your chance to earn points.


4. You can share cards and earn each other points

I don’t frequent BCF, but I know a keen fisherman who does. So while my infrequent visits to buy gift cards and novelty presents don’t seem like much, I’d much rather earn Joe, my husband, a few points - so I’ve scanned his card to my app. 

I’ve scanned in my Mum’s FlyBuys (she’s a Coles person, I’m more Woollies) so every time I pass a Liquorland, she benefits from my love of a good prosecco. Joe doesn’t have a Myer One. So he’s scanned my Myer One to his app and scans it when he fills up his car. Myer sends me vouchers, and I haven’t lifted a finger!


5. Setup is UBER quick 

If it takes too long to set up, it’s lost me. Stocard scans your barcoded cards quicker than it takes my phone camera to even focus. The app picks up particular brands and will pop a logo on the screen for ease of tapping. If it’s not in their list, you can take a pic of your card. And you can register your account so every new phone has your card collection, ready to go.

So whether you’ve decided to declutter your wallet, downsize all together to a  Mighty Mini Wallet or just want to earn ALL of the points,this smart little app has your (cash) back. And at a cost of precisely $FREE, there's no reason why you shouldn't download it now.



Yours in shopping hacks, 

Clare x

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