About Clare

Pic by Kate Luke Photography

I have always been a painter but didn't think I'd be able to make a career out of being creative!

So, armed with a degree in both Creative Industries and Business for good measure, I began my career in an ad agency, hoping to marry my passion for creativity and my fascination with business growth. Just before I married, I moved into a marketing consultancy role working from home (with my own strict ‘no PJ’ policy!) with a national telecommunications company with quite strict guidelines. I had a baby in 2015 and it wasn’t until I had a moment to think at home with my new son, that I’d realised I’d lost a bit of creative myself. Maternity leave and too much time to think, I toyed with the idea of starting a creative business—and Bon Maxie evolved as a hobby venture.

Why I've kept going.

A few months in, I was back at work part time and our beautiful new baby boy started having seizures. Then a few months later, horrible brain spasms. Quitting my corporate job to care for him, little Max was diagnosed with a stupidly rare genetic mutation and we spent most of 2016 in and out of hospital, while attempting to navigate the rollercoaster that is self employment. Three years on Max is now seizure free, walking against the odds (and we’re hearing promising signs of communication) and Bon Maxie is the ultimate dream I never knew I could achieve. Creativity and business combined.

Max was the reason why I started the business and now, he’s the reason why we work so hard in it and we can’t thank our loyal customers enough for your ongoing support.

About the name.

Our son's name is Max. And he's pretty good. But Good Max sounds weird, so I made it sound a little French. 

And the fox head logo? The very first item I ever created for the business was a watercolour painting of a fox wearing glasses. The fox head lives on (the watercolour paintings do not) in my logo as a nod to the early days of the business.