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Why the new Sidekick Crossbody bag is your go-to buddy for all your adventures.

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So, what's so special about the Sidekick Crossbody Bag?

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I've spent a considerable amount of my life searching for The One. Bag, that is. That old faithful that just fits all the essentials. That works with any outfit, day or night, quick dash to shops or a night out. I've never found a perfect one.

About the time that I was thinking about whether I could design a wallet (tick!), I started thinking about my dream bag, but didn't think I could offer anything different. Well, I started looking. Measuring. Trying on. I couldn't find what I had in my head. Things were either too small, or way too big. Nothing practical and perfectly in the middle, that worked across all occasions without looking MASSIVE! I've been using variations of this bag for the last 4 months since my first sample arrived - I haven't looked back since.

But was anyone else feeling the same? So I put a call out for your ideal bag, with my design already in sampling - LOL yeah I was a bit confident! Ha! BUT. The requests were almost all the same (and reading one ideal bag checklist in my Facebook group gave me the chills as it described this exact bag!). And so, I present to you the Sidekick Bon Maxie bag, with ALLL its features and benefits. Because I'm an over thinker, but in this case, I hope it's worked....

Durable, natural, luxurious-feeling leather that will age beautifully and last. When you're bending down or tending to cute children, it grips slightly on your clothes so it doesn't swing down and smack you in the face.
Our phones: probs our most-accessed item, non? With a LARGE pocket that actually even fit an iPhone XS Max (cute name!), no more rifling through when a call comes through and a reaally satisfying, self-closing magnet. Also great to stash other quick-access items: tickets, boarding passes or tissues if you're on the verge of a sneeze and have exactly 0.1 second to find one.
Thick, champagne-coloured silk lining. Not black so you can't see in your bag, not patterned so it confuses your eyes. Just the right shade to help you find things quicker but won't look dirty and won't rip easily.
Someone said they had a key clip on their bag and it was the best thing ever. Whoever you are, this was a last-minute add-on, just for you. If you're afraid of losing your keys (maybe out and about at night etc.), or often can't find them - this is their safe spot. Also works for holding spare hair ties or Fruit Loops.
For that extra support when you stuff those inner pockets with snacks. Also, take a peak - pocket 1 fits your Mighty Mini Wallet perfectly (regular wallets can also fit in the main section) = more space for snacks in the main section. Also, a smaller snack pocket perfectly moulded to fit a standard chocolate or muesli bar and/or lipgloss/stick/handcream/pens.
Leather is great and durable, but it can also get damaged against nasty surfaces. Who wants their pretty new bag sitting on a grotty cafe pavement? Teenie little feet lift your bag off so no more yuck or damage to the leather.
A few people mentioned issues with fake nails or arthritis and small zips. Welcome my fox-head logo as your new favourite, oversized zip tab.
There are some tallies and some shorties out there. Both complained of straps that were too short...and you guessed it, too long. So - more holes = more lengthability for the perfect cross-body placement and less back ouchies. Also, no more 5mm-thick straps that cut off circulation. This strap is optimal strappage thickness at 20mm. Extra large rounded SINGLE short strap = no sliding off shoulders like some flat short straps or when you have 2. No digging into shoulders like smaller round ones.
I LOVE me a cross-body bag, but sometimes I like a dressier look. Cue: BAG TRANSFERS (and we all know how bad wallet transfers are! Bag transfers are just as painful). I thought about having an optional add-on, but I legit swap how I use the bag and its straps throughout the dag - so, all bags come with both. A quick grab doesn't mean I need the cross-body strap, but sometimes I need both hands. I keep both straps on mine as the best part? They're both removable. And it means...there can be options (also hint!).
Sunnies case, wallet, all the snacks, your Very Handy Small and/or Mini Pouches. Phone, tissues. Makeup, all the essentials. Oh and comfortably, a standard 600ml water bottle.
The classics and some new ones.
I know this size won't cater to absolutely everyone, but hey - wait til you try it. Plus, I'm only just getting started. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

SHOP the Sidekick Crossbody bag launching Sunday 11th August 2019.

Watch the IGTV episode with Clare talking through the features HERE!

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