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The Top 3 Things I've Taken From the Marie Kondo Method

  • 2 min read

Let's face it, decluttering is good for the soul. After the past few years, we've been spending more time at home and I feel like I've picked up a few Marie Kondo tips along the way.

If you're looking for some ideas to feel fresh and rejuvenated in the home here are the top three things I've taken from Marie's famously effective method to declutter your home!


1. Tidy by category, not location

I was guilty of this one! Tidying room by room, but really you are just shuffling the 'stuff' from one room to another.

By tidying by category, you are tidying up all the things in the same category in one go. If tidying clothes, gather all of the items of clothing from the entire house in one spot. Confronted with an enormous pile of clothes, you can see exactly what you have (and what you no longer need.)


2. Ask yourself 'does it spark joy?'

This is the Marie Kondo classic phase we've all heard. But it works. First, put your hand on everything you own, ask yourself if it sparks joy, and if it doesn't thank it for its services and get rid of it. When keeping items that truly 'spark joy' we are keeping items that bring us thrill, if it doesn't bring us joy, you will notice you body will feel heavier when holding the item.


3. Nostalgia is not your friend

I think we've all been here too! You open one box filled with old letters, or tiny baby clothes.. suddenly you are down the rabbit hole of nostalgia.

The tip here, but your blinders on and focus only on the category of stuff at hand. 


Have you decluttered the Kondo way? Let me know!

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