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Pre-order Sidekick Crossbody Bag update!

Hello all of you wonderful Bon Babes! 

I thought it would be easiest to provide an update on the blog as it'll stay longer than my Insta Stories :)

What happened in August.

We had our first release of Sidekick Crossbody Bags after about 8 months of no stock - and...we sold out in 7 minutes. BLOWN. AWAY. So, I decided we would trial a pre-order as I understand the devastation of missing out on something you've been waiting on for so long and the requests for one were coming in hot!

We opened them and over the 48 hours, received 3 times the amount of orders than the launch through the store. I FELL OFF MY CHAIR. As a small business owner that was terrified of what the ol' C-bomb was going to do to my business, you actually made me cry. Thank you.

What's happening now.

The pre-ordered bags are arriving in Brisbane on the 12th October (that's 5 days from now!), however it often takes a few days before the items are cleared to be delivered to our warehouse. At this point, I'm happy to say we're still within the initial prediction of 8-10 weeks after the order placement! 

We will be prepping our lovely warehouse team to help make the despatch as seamless as possible - but I don't yet have a set day on when orders will start to go out. Ideally, despatches will be well under way by the end of that week (judging by previous stock deliveries to the warehouse) but I'm sticking with the conservative estimate that by Monday 19th Oct, despatches will begin. 

What's happening for a Sidekick Bag restock on the site.

I see you, all you TikTok newbies hangin' out! Thanks for joining the Bon Maxie fam! Once pre-orders have been despatched, we will be organising working through loading the next lot of stock to the site - at this point, I'm estimating a launch in w/c 26th October to allow the warehouse a bit of breathing space between the next onslaught ;)  This may change by a few days, but I will confirm via Bon Mail and on our socials. Yes, it's worth subscribing

Will we do a pre-order again?

As the few thousand people who nabbed a Sidekick in the last release and pre-order may not be shopping on the next launch (who knows though - I am aware of some Sidekick collectors who have 4+!!!), the site traffic may be lessened significantly. BUT, I do know that things are unpredictable. I will make the call about another pre-order after the next launch as it's a big process behind the scenes :)

Thank you.

To finish up...I am BEYOND grateful for your support. This year has been hell of rollercoaster both in the business and for our family. I was SUPER nervous about throwing a pre-order on top of the fire. But I really wanted to ensure those who missed out on the last launch were given the chance to shop without the added pressure of stock levels vanishing as they checked out.

We truly do have the loveliest, supportive customers. Sending all the love and strength to you if you're doing it tough in lockdown. And sending all the love and strength anyway, because we all need that at some point.


Clare xxxx


NOTE: Please be aware the above is an estimate only. Anything more drastic, and I'll do another update here!


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October 12, 2020

Great question, Alana! I wrote this with only pre-order bag people in mind. I do have a separate lot coming for a restock, but that will be the end of Oct, so hopefully 2 weeks or so. With the stack of orders going out with the pre-orders, I imagine the site traffic will be significantly less than the last round, so I’m hoping everyone who wants one will be able to nab one! Clare x

Alana M

Alana M

October 12, 2020

Hi there. I’m sorry if it’s meant to be obvious in the post but I just want to be sure as I’m very keen for a sidekick cross body. So you have a shipment coming but those are set to be delivered to people who pre-ordered them. Does that mean the new shipment is completely ‘taken’? Through those pre-orders or is there stock left after pre-orders for someone like me, hoping the bag will go on the site so I can order one for myself?

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