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Our ALL TIME best-selling product - earring backs!

  • 2 min read

Want to know what our ALL TIME best-selling product is? Earring backs! 

It figures, though - our earring backs are super handy and we all tend to lose one every so often to the vacuum cleaner.

But when there are 4 styles from which to choose (including designs that actually help your earrings fit better,) it's no wonder every second customer grabs a pack. Or 5.

So what's the lowdown on our 4 choices?

Earring Backs - Standard Butterfly Stainless Steel - Pack of 20

We've all lost an earring back and been searching frantically before heading out the door. We've got your back with our these.

"Love these - especially when I don't love the backing the earrings came with - I always replace with these!" Gabriella

Earring Backs - Standard Rubber - Pack of 40

Our Standard Rubber Backs work perfectly to give a bit of extra grip to studs  - wear them along with your metal butterfly backs, or on their own. And if you wear hooks and need some extra security, these will do the trick, without the bulk. 

"Love these earring backs, they are so much easier to apply than many metal backs. These rubber backs do not slip off easily so helps to prevent losing earrings." - Glenda. 

Earring Backs - Standard Rubber - Pack of 40

Larger stud lover? Our jumbo earring backs help stabilise larger stud earring on your earlobes to help prevent tired and sore ears.

"These help my earrings look spectacular and take the strain off my lobes when wearing heavier ones!" Nikki


Earring Backs - Jumbo Sterling Silver - Pack of 10


Stirling silver plated, these are the best for giving the extra support your earlobes need when wearing larger stud-back earrings and help them sit up straight rather than droop.
"These are fantastic for heavier earrings. They now sit flat and don't hang down so much." - Jodie
Our earring back packs range from a quantity of 10 (5 pairs) to 40 (20 pairs) and just $3-6 per pack, so keeping some extras around is easy! Will you be popping a set onto your next Bon Maxie order?

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