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2 Genius Hacks for Less-Stressy Fragrance Gifting

  • 2 min read

Fragrance buying. It's overwhelming enough buying scents for yourself, let alone trying to select one for someone else. 

Well well well, have we got a nifty hack for you. Two, even...that'll make buying a lovely scent for another lovely human, a bit of a breeze.

Recently I was on the hunt for a replacement cologne for my husband Joe, anndd of course his favourite is now discontinued. Ugh. 

So the hunt began for a similar fragrance replacement.

The hunting lead to googling to find something that had the same smelly style and I ended up stumbling across the perfect scent-purchasing hack!

Meet: The Fragrantica Perfume Finder. A handy little tool, produced by the scent dictionary site, to find you the perfect choice if you're looking for something similar to a particular scent! This handy hack sends you in the direction of a handful of fragrances (I printed the suggestions for Joe's replacement cologne and hit up my local Myer to smell away!) to target, removing a huge stress of perfume purchasing and not knowing where on earth to start. You'll most likely end up with a scent that's bang on the money.

How does it work?

Simply enter in a known favourite perfume and the clever little fragrance elves will give you a suite of similar scents! If you have more scents to add to the profile, even better, as it narrows choices further. Genius!

Looking to up your perfume gifting even further?  

Our second hack: To complement your perfect perfume gift, our Refillable Perfume Atomisers help your giftee (or you!) carry your scent to refresh throughout the day, after the gym or to store in the bathroom, without worrying about a large glass bottle. Adding one to your gift will certainly get you some well-earned brownie points!

Black is a popular choice for men's gifts (our White and Black atomiser packaging is neutral) or why not grab a stash to keep as super-handy gifts that just about anyone can us. You could even colour code multiple scents for your own fragrances! They're super easy to fill (no dismantling perfume bottle tops) - just unscrew the lid and spray right into the vial. And they're leak-proof (no pumps on the atomiser like other styles that can leak through your bag)!



Happy fragrance buying!

Yours in less-stressy perfume purchasing,

Clare x

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