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5 steps to getting the most out of shopping with Bon Maxie (and YES, that means FREE $$)

  • 3 min read

Our customers are an integral part of why we’re still here. In fact, you’re the sole reason. So I wanted to ensure we give back a little love to our loyal Bonnies in return for supporting us!

Here’s a quick guide on getting the most out of shopping with Bon Maxie - if you love a good bonus and our non-ugly organisationy things, this’ll be right up your alley.

SUMMARY, because I know you’re just here for the freebies :)

  1. Subscribe to Bon Mail, get $10 off your order
  2. Create your Bon Rewards account, earn points towards discounts
  3. Refer a friend, get $10 each (this one’s unlimited too, FYI)
  4. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, get points towards vouchers 
  5. Review your purchase, get points towards vouchers

If you’ve not already subscribed to Bon Mail, you might wanna get clicking. Not only will you get a  $10 voucher for your next order, you’ll also get access to exclusive offers and VIP pre-releases. And for items that sell out in minutes, having a head start can mean everything!

CLICK HERE to get your $10 voucher 


Earn points even without spending anything yet! Creating an account means you can save your details for easier checkout, save wishlists AND earn points off future purchases.

Amongst other ways to earn points below, shopping with Bon Maxie earns you 5 POINTS per $1 AUD spent. Points can be redeemed for the below:

  • 500 points = $5 voucher 
  • 900 points = free shipping 
  • 1000 points = $10 voucher 
  • 1500 points = $15 voucher 

If you’ve purchased from us from Sept 2016 onwards and create an account using the same email address as previous orders, they’ll be automatically added to your account.You may even have $$ ready to spend, so there’s nothing to lose and discounts to gain!

CLICK HERE to activate your Bon Rewards account (see Step 2).


As a small business, I know how powerful a recommendation to a friend can be. We truly appreciate it when we see order notes saying ‘Lucy recommended your store!’. If you’d like some extra dollars off your upcoming orders, you can invite friends to shop with Bon Maxie too. They’ll get $10 to spend, you’ll get $10 after they order.

CLICK ‘Refer friends’ in your Bon Rewards panel to get your unique link


An easy way to earn a few more points, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Log in to your Bon Rewards account through the tab on the home page and follow from there. Already follow? Log in and click the prompts from your Bon Rewards panel.

CLICK ‘Follow on Facebook’ and ‘Follow on Instagram’ in your Bon Rewards panel


Much like referrals, reviews are extreeeeemely  appreciated. Not only does it help me understand what you’re loving about your purchase, it lets other customers read why a Bon Maxie product might suit them! Your kind words have often made my week and some of them have even given me new product ideas.

PLUS, you can earn up to 200 points a week reviewing. Score!

You can head directly to product pages to review, or wait for an email to appear after you’ve received your purchase!

LOG IN to your account and get reviewing now

If you’re going to shop with Bon Maxie, you may as well get something back!Create or log into your account before you shop (or log in using the same email afterwards) and don’t let all of those juicy rewards go to waste.

Yours in freebies,

Clare x

PS: here's a diagram, just in case that was too much text:

View Bon Rewards terms  here.

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