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6 Tips for Effortless Weekend Getaway Packing

  • 2 min read

Now that getting away to our favourite weekend spot seems viable again, we're back to working out whether 17 outfit options for 2 nights away is maybe one too many and back to counting out triple the amount of undies actually required (yes, but what ifffff....).

I'm guilty for previously overstuffing my poor old duffel bag—everything was jammed into the one area, worn and clean, with my toiletries bag and shoes in a separate Coles bag because they didn't fit. Inconvenient. Not to mention finding things was impossible! 

That was, of course, before the Bon Voyage Weekender was bornpartitions to keep white tees away from shoes, internal pockets for underwear and fragile bits, and, like any Bon Maxie bag, super comfortable to carry.

So now we're all off to our favourite weekend holiday spots again, here are my 6 top tips for easy weekend packing:

1. Pack travel-sized toiletries

Go mini! So many places, including Mecca or Woolies, sell miniature versions of cosmetics and toiletries—it saves having an overstuffed sponge bag, and saves adding the weight to your shoulders. No need to lug around your perfume bottle, our Refillable Perfume Atomiser holds up to 120 sprays and comes without the worry of breaking your bottle.

2. Stuff rolled up socks, cords or undies into your shoes

Need I say more? Space-saving #hack 

3. Roll your clothing

The Kondo method, but for your holiday! Rolling will save you space and things will come out of your bag with very little crinkling. It also makes things easier to see in your bag.

Weekender bag bon maxie canvas

4. Use smaller pouches to store items

Just like our Very Handy Pouches that have clear options, using a bunch of pouches means more compartmentalising and less rummaging to find smaller bits and bobs like poppy pins, lipstick and hand sanitiser.

5. Create a 'where and wear' list

In essence, be realistic about what you actually need. Create a list of the locations and activities that you'll be doing and pre-select an outfit to suit. Where you can, stick to shoes that work with most outfits. Bonus if you manage to pack 2 tops for every bottom #versatility. 

6. Choose a bag that can fit it all

Obviously choosing the perfect weekender bag is key, and our Bon Voyage Weekender Bag was specifically designed to counteract the unpacking mess that often explodes in a hotel room. No need to take multiple bags, the Bon Voyage delivers extra vertical space without the bulk. Its unique dividers help compartmentalise your items to prevent unnecessary rummaging, and, to top it off, it's super comfy on the hands and the shoulder!

Bon Voyage Weekender Bag


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