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5 steps to an almost-always-clean-looking bathroom!

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They're very useful but very very annoying to keep clean. It's something I've always struggle with. Doesn't help that cleaning is on the bottom of my to-do list.

However, I have found a neat little way of keeping things looking presentable and a whole load easier to deep clean when the urge arises (LOL which is never really, but I force myself!). 


There's a rule in our bathroom: NOTHING is allowed to stay on the bench. Sure, we forget sometimes, but for the majority, having a 'hot bench' means nothing can stay and everything needs to be put away as soon as it's used. This is great to also implement in the kitchen, dining room table (unless you run a home business, then you're exempt from this rule!) and any other surface that seems to always have things on it!

messy bathroom needing clean

Stuff on bench? It's a no-no.


When I suddenly have the urge to clean (also LOL), it's usually at night before bed (weird, I know) but I often don't have the tools there and then to get into it, so it's easy to put it off and off.

I've recently hopped on to the Koh cleaner bandwagon (eco-friendly and non-toxic), and it's safe to say I'm actually converted. One cleaner, for EVERYthing. And weirdly, it works really well (my expectations were low after allllll the rave reviews and I get extra sceptical when people are so happy). I bought a few extra spray bottles, so I now keep a dedicated cloth and spray in every room that often needs attention like the kitchen and spare bathroom. They even have a self-spraying mop removing the need for a bucket/electricity if you're really overcome with the need to clean.

Koh universal cleaner

Koh Universal Cleaner + cloth

And now that there's never anything on the bench, a really quick wipedown while I'm brushing my teeth is easy, especially as I don't have to leave the bathroom to go and hunt for the Spray'n'Wipe.


This is a dream I've had since I was a little girl. Matching towels. Oddly, when you move into your own home, you seem to accrue random towels from I-don't-even-know-where. Just me? However, I promise you that making a rule for yourself to only ever having matching towels/face washers/hand towels in your bathroom INSTANTLY makes you look like you've got your shiz together. AND getting higher-quality towels mean they won't shed and leave fluff all over the floor.

mismatching towels  matching towels
No no matchy or cute bathmat. Sad.    Yes! Matchy matchy towels, cute bathmat!



This is a bit of a decory thing, but having happy or matchy bathmats makes your bathroom a happier, matchier place. You can find practically any design/colour/image at Society 6 or check out Aussie brand Sage and Clare for the most adorable ones you'll ever see.

multi coloured rainbow cotton tufted bath mat Sage and Clare

 Sage and Clare Rosei Rainbow Bathmat


Over-the-door hooks are my saviour. I have multiple around the house as it immediately makes doors a storage solution. Anything that constantly appears on the floor and doesn't need washing? Dressing gowns and the like? HANG. IT. UP. I mean you could even pop a hanging planter on there to jazz things up.

hang up dressing gowns

Totally hung up.


Speaking of plants, not really part of the list, but I do like plants in my bathroom. Peace lilies all the way. Big ones. You'll almost feel like you've got a Pinterestable bathroom with a giant plant drawing your eye straight to it, and it instantly lifts your bathroom cleanliness feeling ranking. 

happy clean bathroom

Look at that happy, matchy bathroom with strategically-placed plants!


OK so that's technically turned into 7 steps, but I believe in them ALL! I hope you, too, get on the train to an almost-always-clean bathroom - sure, it's a change in habit but once you get into it, you'll realise how much extra scrubbing or longer cleaning sessions you'll save! I'll get back to you when I can work out a 2-minute power shower clean :\

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