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3 lifechanging apps to declutter, save more time & give future you some time back

  • 2 min read

We can all agree there are too many apps around BUT these ones below each have a purpose: one declutters, one gives you time back, and one saves you time in the future. Win, win, wiiiiin.

First up: DECLUTTER.

If you've got a Bon Maxie Mighty Mini Wallet, you're prob already on to this.

Holy macaron. Who else has a good 124-card stack in their drawer? And you take your select few in your purse and decide to visit Dusk one day (hello nice, smelly stuff!) and realise that card was banished from your purse in 2001. Sure, you can wait for them to ask for allll your deets to get your member price, but having a backup barcode would be a hellofa lot easier.

Meet: STOCARD - an app that houses every. single. one of your loyalty cards! Dust off that card stack, select where the card is for and it scans the barcode in (or you can manually enter). It can even pick up when you're near stores reminding you to use it.

LINK HERE and, because I have an 'I can't use iPhones!!' husband, ANDROID LINK HERE


Emails. Bane of our existences. And we all love a good subscribe button, especially when there's free shipping or 10% off deals involved, so we're constantly adding to the amount that get sent to us.

According to Front App, email takes up HALF the workday. And that's just work-related ones. So when you've got over 100 emails popping into your inbox daily, it's distraction central (not to mention it takes avg. 23 mins to refocus!).

Meet: - (try this on your desktop) while reading some emails as they arrive is unavoidable, you can condense some them into a handy digest. It's even got an easy unsubscribe system so you can remove the ones you didn't realise you were still receiving (looking at you, MySpace notifications). Talk about giving you back some precious time


Let's all groan together. Christmasssss. Birthdaaaays. Present buyiiiing. "What do you want for your birthdaaaay?''.

Meet: Giftbuster - a giant wishlist in one app! While you're browsing sites, you can tap and add items to the app and save them under various lists. Personally, I make my own shopping wishlists or gift ideas which saves me from yelling loudly when they spontaneously empty themselves (looking at you, ASOS). The annual note I start on my phone in January with good intentions called 'Gift Ideas' that remains empty all year, can now officially retire.

You can even make your wishlist public so friends get the unsubtle hints of what you'd like! Add birthday reminders, being able to chip in for friends' gifts etc. (list goes on HERE!)

Tell me what you think! Do you have any genius apps worth downloading to help you in life? Now, go forth and download!

Clare x

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