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12 Brisbane Earring Brands You Should Follow

Alrighty, I know we can all agree, you can never have too many earrings. I also love supporting and sharing local makers! So here you have it, 12 Brisbane Earring Brands that you should follow (and if you aren't, you need to!)

Fat Mango Creative

Nicole designs fun, fresh and fruity earrings! She’s just released her Christmas collection too - I mean Pavlova on an earring - yes!


Hello Plum

Speckled and dreamy…the perfect way to describe these eco resin and gypsum earrings.


Mary Bobbin

Quirky and fun, Mary creates a range of earrings, acrylic brooches and more!


Busy Head

Custom pet earrings - need I say more!?


Hazel and Lois

A little bit of glitz.. for your ears!


Smyle Designs

Eco-friendly jewellery made entirely from recycled plastics!


Hello Little Friday

If you love colour.. this one is for you!


Erin Lightfoot Studio

Handmade ceramic collections.. You can see the love and care in each pieces Erin creates.


Gioia Ceramica

Ceramic Earrings to add a little 'joy' to your outfits!


Jimena Alejandra

Handcrafted gemstone jewellery sure to make heads turn.


Done By Daisy

Polymer clay earrings in the sweetest designs!


The Coloured Bee

Made to make you smile...


Need even more recommendations!? Head to over to Instagram, we're overflowing with them!

And of course, if you need a handy earring holder to store your collection, check out our full range here.

Yours in earring love,


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October 20, 2021

Thank you so much!
What a wonderful surprise!
Thank you for mention me, thank you for your support!

Thalita xx

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