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10 mini things to fit in your Mini Sidekick

  • 3 min read

The Mini Sidekick Convertible Pouch has just launched and many of you have been asking what can fit in the miniature version of our original Sidekick Crossbody Bag. A pouch, a shoulder bag AND a wallet in one, the Mini's great for grabbin’ and goin’ and can fit, surprisingly, everything you need for a night out or browse around the shops!

1. Baby Baggu - Tiger Stripe 

    These stylish enviro bags fold down to a teeny tiny 10x10cm and they hold a hefty 22kg. That’s a lot of apples, folks. 


    2. Perfume Atomiser 

    Add a spritz or two of your favourite scent while you’re out and about. Our perfume atomisers hold 10ml of your fragrance of choice = around 120 sprays. Perfecto! 


    3. Orbitkey Key Organiser 

    Say ‘see-ya!’ to jangly keys. The Orbitkey transforms your keys into a small, silent stack which is super helpful when you have a smaller pouch, or want to protect your phone from scratches. Oh and you can attach it to your internal key clip for safe key-ping.


    4. Mini Mac Lipsticks 

    MAC lovers rejoice! You can get itty bitty lippies in all your favourite shades. And, most importantly, you can fit into your Sidekick so you can take a few colour choices! 


    Mecca Cosmetica MAC Mini Lipstick



    5. Soap & Glory Hand Sanitiser 

    If you wanna avoid the ‘Rona, you need a good sanitiser. This one from Soap & Glory does the job but unlike others on the market, it smells sweet, fruity and florally. And? You guessed it, it is small enough to pack into your new Mini.


    6. Mini Pens - Kikki-K

    If you always need a pen, but never have one, these mini-pens from Kikki-K come in all the pretty colours and won’t take up much space.


    7. Very Handy Pouches 

    These handy little pouches store handy little items like spare bobby pins, a coupla Panadol, hair ties, rings and any other small things you can fit. At only 9x8cm (we have slightly larger too), you can comfortably add a few in your Mini Sidekick for less rummaging, and more organisation.


    8. Hey Tiger Chocolate Bars  - UPDATE, NOW SADLY CLOSED!

    The first question I ask myself when I design something - can it fit snacks? Yes it can. Hey Tiger have released miniature versions of their delicacies and I am there for it. With combos like Hazlenut Butter, Whisky & Smoke and Birthday Cake Crumb, having room for these mini bars is your Mini Sidekick a must!


    9. Mini Mecca Sunscreen  

    This sunscreen was voted ‘Hall Of Fame Winner’ in the MECCA Beauty Election this year, and guess what? It’s so little it will fit comfortably in the Mini Sidekick. We’ve really got no excuse not to leave the house without SPF, but at least you’ll have space for it! 


    10. Better Than Sex Mascara 

    If you enjoy thicker, longer and more dramatic lashes, this must-have mascara is the one. It has a mini version for touch-ups or work-to-drinks prep. Just slip it in your Sidekick and bat those lashes.


    Along with a combo of these super useful items, there's room in your Mini Sidekick for your phone, Mighty Mini Wallet and potentially (depending on no. of chocolate bars) even your glasses case. If you prefer, you can forgo the wallet (more room for chocolate!) and use its nifty in-built wallet features instead!

    Good things really do come in small packages--check out the full range of Mini Sidekicks HERE

    Yours in compactness,


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