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Whether you're at home more due to lockdown or just like hanging out there, mess at home can really weigh on your vibe. So, we've curated our instant declutterers and calm-inducing picks from our range that help you feel a little more organised, without the effort.
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No intro needed, really. This is just a really really good lemon slice recipe. In fact, I only just learnt that it's from my mother's (very 80s looking) Women's Weekly recipe book - and my mother has great taste, especially of the baked-goods kind. So go forth and bake. Actually no baking required for this one.
  • 2 min read
The Go! Crossbody Bags is your all-day, runaround go-to bag that holds all the essentials with a little extra room to play. A waterproof, nylon design that works in with your lifestyle whether it's rain, hail or shine - and morphs into a perfect grab bag for a chic night-time look. Check out our outfit inspo!
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There is an urban myth. About an American department store that had a café with great cookies. Allegedly. A woman managed to get her hands on the recipe and loaded it to the World Wide Web. This is the recipe. Allegedly. In any case, it's been my family's go-to choc chip cookie recipe for well over 20 years (wowser, I'm old). Granted, we've made modifications but this ain't your standard (greasy) Subway cookie, though it's not dry. It's certainly not home-made tasting. Except it is. It's so wholesome, it's almost like eating porridge. Almost.

It's no secret in our household that I deem fruit-heavy 'desserts' to be...breakfast. Oats...fruit...the lack of chocolate. So, when I met my husband, Joe, and he revealed he 'probably prefers apple crumble over chocolate cake', (!??!?!?!) I very much reconsidered our relationship. It was either him going (and taking his misplaced choice for no. 1 dessert with him), or I was to learn to love it and accept Joe's love of breakfast as a post-dinner treat. I truly hope you enjoy this apple crumble recipe more than I do. Because if I can love it and not love apple crumble, and you are a crumble lover, you're in for a real treat.

My Mug Cake recipe is still one of the most-visited pages on my site. Not surprised. So, since we all share a mutual love of excellent food (and due to impending Christmas) I'm sharing my go-to gingerbread recipe! It's sweet but not too sweet, it's spicy but not overpowering. And while I can't guarantee it'll look pretty, I can assure you it tastes DI-VINE. 

There’s something panic-inducing about trying to locate a loyalty card at the checkout, right?

Fishing through your handbag to find your wallet, then thumbing through ALL the cards you’ve collected over the years with sweaty palms. The "I’m sorrrryyyyy”, you manage to whimper. The glares of half a dozen customers staring at your back.

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Our customers are an integral part of why we’re still here. In fact, you’re the sole reason. So I wanted to ensure we give back a little love to our loyal Bonnies in return for supporting us!

Here’s a quick guide on getting the most out of shopping with Bon Maxie - if you love a good bonus and our non-ugly organisationy things, this’ll be right up your alley.

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Hello all of you wonderful Bon Babes!  I thought it would be easiest to provide an update on the blog as it'll stay longer than my Insta Stories :) I've outlined where we're sitting for the pre-ordered stock, as well as an update on the next online restock! 

The Mini Sidekick Convertible Pouch has just launched and many of you have been asking what can fit in the miniature version of our original Sidekick. A pouch, a shoulder bag AND a wallet in one, it’s great for grabbin’ and goin’ and can fit, surprisingly, everything you need for a night out or browse around the shops!
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