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Helloooo Internet!

First Bon Maxie blog after three years of radio silence! That may be a blessing for you (!) but it's one of those things that kind of fits naturally within an online business.

But it's taken a lot business changes (this business was started as a nursery art business, after all!), morphing and personal growth (ohhh how I hate that term!) to get to a point where I think I know what our business is about now and where I think I can add some fun value to the Internet. Maybe.

In any case, this blog isn't meant to be serious, just like Bon Maxie is preeeetty anti-serious. And because we're all about accessories and accessory organisation here, it makes total sense that this blog is an extension of that.

So, I'm going to start sharing accessories, organisation, and....accessories organisation (logical), local brands, bigger brands and anything else that has a remotely connected thread to what we do here. Which is aiming to making life a little less stressy.

Because we could all use less stressy.

Lots of love,


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